Ronnie Francis MM

Ronnie Francis

Author RE-Consulting

  • Founder RE Consulting
  • Sales and Business Coach
  • Master Coach of Essential Business Development
  • Sales Expert in Consultative Selling
  • International Certified for Public Speaker and Trainer
  • Master Trainer from BNSP
  • SBM Trainer and Coach
  • International Certified for Master NLP
  • Instructor of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Google Certified for Search Network
  • PPC Certified for Google Adwords
  • SEO Certified for Internet Marketing
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Qualified Wealth Planning
  • Associated Estate Planning Practitionaire
  • Hypno – NLP Coach Certified for Life Coaching and Business
  • Master Trainer for Life Force Method



Personal Achievement :

  • Be the youngest Branch Manager in the company
  • Be the fastest career progress in the company
  • Helping Company to turnaround the business from Loss into Profit Billions in 1,5 years
  • Trained a Company to have growth above 50% only for 2 months


Personal Contact:

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